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Standard Features:

  •  Fence assets are produced by the power of hot galvanized steel elements
  •  The framework of horizontal and vertical tubes with welded powerful steel grid.
  •  Each wire intersection is welded (rectangular route pattern).
  •  The vertical wires project above the tube by 5 cm, which makes climbing over especially difficult.
  •  Mounted continuously without the use of tools (hinge)
  •  Possibility of height adjustment in the uneven terrain
  •  Very high stability
  •  Choice of PVC or concrete foot


  •  Cases for transportation
  •  Safety links
  •  Curtain
  •  Supportive stag
  •  Ground anchor
  •  Gate solution
  •  Wheels for gate solutions
Length (standard section) 3.5 m
Height 2.0 m
Mesh 100 x 260 mm
Weight (standard section) 16 kg